My Story

My Family to Yours

My Family to Yours

My name is Jay McCormick, and I retired from the U.S. Navy in 1995. During my Naval career I traveled and made friends all over the world.  29 years ago I met my wife Fiona in Spain.  She was on vacation from her home in England and I was on leave from my duty station in Italy.  During our first few years together we traveled back to the US, then returned to Italy, and then spent time in England. Finally, after retiring from the Navy we arrived in Texas where I began a second career as a Texas Peace Officer.  Fiona obtained a Master of Education degree and has been a Texas Teacher for 17 years.

We have three children, Triplets!!  I blame the fact that I was working with the Federal Government and was in the habit of doing everything in “Triplicate.”  All three are finished with the first part of their education (College), and started their life's journey. Our two boys have joined the Military, one a Naval career and the other, an Air Force career.  Our one girl is a Register Nurse and continuing towards her BSN.  Our children are our greatest source of pride and success, everything else is gravy!

In 2013 due to some health problems I decided it was time to change career.  I stepped out of actively working in Law Enforcement in January 2014 although I still maintain my Peace Officer’s License.  I began working from home with Arise Virtual Solutions Inc., but by the summer of 2014 I was ready to form my own company and established Automated Ventures, LLC. After heart surgery in January 2015, I felt ready for a new challenge. In the summer of 2015 I branched out and began an Internet Marketing branch of Automated Ventures.

I have proudly served both my country and community.  Now I apply the same ethics, drive, and determination to making Automated Ventures, LLC a success.  I am currently contracted with Walt Disney World Resorts assisting guests from around the world while working to further develop and expand the Internet Marketing side.